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Wierd but important question:

Posted: 04 Mar 2021, 21:37
1. Is the m3 greasegun as effective as the B.A.R. in regular moving combat and stationary combat in a 5+1 garand/greasegun ration moving and a 5+1 garand/ B.A.R. moving scenario? How about stationary.

and more importantly

2. Whenever the B.A.R. suppression fire which historically shot at about a rate of 1,100 in secondary firing mode is used, does it cause more damage in the sense of more bullets hitting from close range or not?

Re: Wierd but important question:

Posted: 04 Mar 2021, 23:41
by Warhawks97
1. I used the BARs but somehow grease seems to be more effective overall. Even at range sometimes. BAR is quite a shitty weapon and i never pick it up as axis. It doesnt really add or perhaps even decreases your firepower.

2.suppression ability increases suppression value but usually decreases accuracy+ most weapons have lowered accuracy against pinned units.