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Wehrmacht Tech Structure and Costs Master Sheet 5.1.8e

Posted: 14 Jun 2020, 21:09
by Walderschmidt
I went through the game and clicked on every unit through every doctrine and put as much down on an excel sheet as possible. Each sheet is organized so that you can see how much something costs, when it's available, any other pre-requistes iuf any, and absolute cost. Absolute cost is the cost of the first unit of a kind you buy, assuming you spent no resources on anything but teching up to it.

It's my intention to give this info to the devs so they can make a handy dandy sheet on google drive for the forum, that can be manipulated even better when it comes to looking at certain stats of units or doing other data calculations.
Wehrmacht All Doc 1.PNG
Wehrmacht All Doc 2.PNG
Wehrmacht All Doc 3.PNG
Wehrmacht All Doc 4.PNG
I'll update this all according to the next patch.
2. Wehrmacht Costs.xlsx
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