Wehrmacht Defense Doctrine Guide (Defence is the best offense)

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Wehrmacht Defense Doctrine Guide (Defence is the best offense)

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Greetings BK mod community,

My name is Henny and today I will be introducing the strategy that has been working for me in many of my games as the defensive doctrine of the Wehrmacht faction.

To begin, I've noticed that nobody ever picks defense doc. It's either terror or blitz and they go straight for those damn panther/tiger tanks. Every single time. That stuff got pretty old to me. However, when somebody does end up going defensive doctrine they just build bunkers, pantherturms, and AA guns and literally just wait for the allied team to blow all their shit up.

In essence, my strategy capitalizes on stealing the initiative of early-mid game from the allied team in order to seal a victory in the beginning 30 minutes , and if it goes past that, to deny strategic areas from the allied team.

The centerpiece of this strategy are 2 things:

1. The 105mm leFH german howitzer. It costs 3 CP to build ( in comparison to the infantry 4CP), is literally the earliest artillery unlock in the game. High fire rate, cheap to build, and destroys allied SNIPERS, MG nests, and other fun sim city allied fortifications. This is your early game wild card.


2. Stupa. If the game gets to mid game, the stupa with your infantry squads and 105mm howitzers will destroy anything in your path. The range on this thing is INSANE. Literally a 150mm infantry gun inside a panzer 4 chasis. Snipes pershing's from half the map away. Use in tandem with recons and win the game.


Early game
: Build 2x volks, 1x MG42, 2x AT infantry, and a mortar. These are literally all you need to capture vital points. Use these units to build up your 3 CP.

- Once you have 3 CP, get a recon, and begin your massacre. Build 2x 105's and a marder tank or the Tank destroyers when you can get enough CP. Use your howitzers to destroy enemy camping formations and barge through with your infantry formations and supporting armor and mg42's. By this point you should literally just win the game and steam roll the opposing side.

-IF the enemy puts up stiff resistance, wait for 6 CP and build your STUPA.

Midgame/ Late game squads: 2x volks with mg34, Stupa, 1x grens, mortar, 1x shreck squad, panzer IV tank destroyer, RECON.

USE YOUR RECON !! This is important. The stupa has massive range and you will need a recon to take advantage of this fact. Use your 105's to destroy any opposing enemy artillery/fortifications/snipers. Stupas to support the infantry, and your panzer IV tank destroyer to support your stupa from enemy tank rushes. Win the game.

This concludes my guide, the game is definitely more complicated and complex and anything could happen, but this is the backbone of my strategy. 105mm and Stupa. Turn defense doctrine into an offensive one. Goodluck.
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