Crossroad Fortifications

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Oberst von Hanover
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Crossroad Fortifications

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I installed the Blitz mod about a week ago, and I was quite surprised and pleased by the realism. However, is it advisable to set up defense points on crossroads and points with the Panzer Elite? I've learned my lesson from the Willy's and M8s, so I bring Paks. How good is this as a strategy?

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Re: Crossroad Fortifications

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Invincibility lies with defense, victory lies with attack. -art of war

Invincibility is always advisable as is victory, so it really depends. All factions and terrains are capable of being defensive. Whether it’s a good strategy to defend depends on your enemy.

Example: is the crossroads giving or denying valuable resource to your enemy? Then yeah probably (but not always certainly) worth defending.
Example 2: if you are panzer elite and are facing a player that is bad at attacking, is it worth defending? Yeah probably (but not always certainly) worth defending so that the enemy can waste himself against your defense.

Good strategy comes in many forms. But some other players may tell you the prevailing meta right now to help you find the “mostly safe with higher chance of winning” strategy.

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