Help me out! (n00b alert)

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Help me out! (n00b alert)

Post by Death_Kitty »

So trying games against the PC just to figure out what work (this is called comp stop, yes?). i know pvp wont be as forgiving. so here is what i got:

So with wher and US (did not try panzer elite. i dont get them... do you play them like the previous 2?) I spit out my first production structure, (barracks), the use engie to take point, while building my volks/rifles, mg, recon vehicle and AT gun (1 of each). use infantry to take forward points then lock them down with mg and AT gun. after with i build recon troop and go for mortar. then i either spit out another rifes (US) then go weapons support, or escalate to get grenadiers and half tracks. after this i dig in where the enemy is attacking the most and start spitting out 57 AT guns and greyhounds(i have a lot of trouble with these things. they seem to die really quickly with me. any tips), and panzer jager and Stug (love this thing!), then the obligatory tank lategame which usually goes well BC AI is dumb. (in these games when armor for US, terror for wher)

CW threw me for a loop, and i tried adapting vanilla CW build order: sent sappers to take point, build Lt, moved truck to take point sappers took, then try to go for infantry section, boys AT gun, bren carrier, next Truck. I really like CW, but how do you position your first mortar pit? from what i have read that seems important.

And then some tips for playing the following doctrines:
the air mobility ones: airborne, luft, commandos. how do you use your paras/ gliders effectively, so they don't die on landing? how do you get enough munitions to keep aircraft flying and troops upgraded.
Defense/ arty heavy ones: CW arty & engineers? (right? engineers are defense?) and wher defense. how to make defensive lines while enemy is harassing you?
and panzer elite in general.

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Re: Help me out! (n00b alert)

Post by maousaki »

Welcome. Well i am no pro for sure but i can give you some advice for PvP. I don't play comp stomp so i can't tell you much.

-After building your first building as USA or Wehr don't cap close points with engies. Instead send them around mid of the map so you can contest it. Otherwise if enemy player sees that you don't have units defending he will push and you will have a hard time to get him out of cover this early. Generally engie units cap really slow, have that in mind.

-Jeeps and Schwimmwagens can deal high damage to troops out of cover and supress them really quick. Someone give advice for the jeep vs schwimm though.

-With USA i personally don't get mg that early. Maybe only in maps with really hard chokepoints.

-I personally find greyhounds pretty weak. Even puma with 20mm cannon can win in a 1v1. So don't spam them.

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Re: Help me out! (n00b alert)

Post by Redgaarden »

My advice would be to get used to Brits as I find US to be lackluster in the competetive scene.
For early game you use your starting sapper and run it to the middle of the map, then find the closest heavy cover that faces the enemy. Remember that your sappers dont have to build anything and are a strong and cost efficent unit and dont forget to use your sprint ability to take that extra bit of land early game if it allows you.

Your first unit to buy is the boys 55cal section. You need some support for your way overextended sapper squad as fast as possible, the 55cal squad is not necessary to deal with early scwhimm as the lee enfield rifles the sappers carry have high penetration value. And as long as they stay in heavy cover they will destroy most enemy starting units even when outnumbered. the 55boys is just there to add 2 more rifles and make sure enemy early light vehicles can't go: engage, disengage, repair engage and repeat. That and 55cal can also holds off scouts cars and later, pumas.

Now you can get your LT. You'll be using him to cap points and then recon and spotting. Keeping this unit alive is optimal, but keeping him alive is always nice since he is a detector unit and you can just keep him in your flanks (without binculars) and accidentally kill enemy recon troops that try to go through your lands and when advancing through enemy lands you always need a detector unit for killing the inevitble cloacking untis that linger on the frontline.

By now you should hold some land and have some few guns in cover and a officer looking for some more krauts for your rifles to shoot at. But you should first be a little more observant! what is this you see on the horizon?
-If you see nothing and your soldiers mysteriously die; Then that there is a "Sniper" for these particular enemy is no problem for the mighty brits. Just get a infantry section and countersnipe the fucker. Infantry section have 5 models more than the sniper and a "deploy marksman" ability. You just click on "deploy marksman" and click the sniper. If the ability goes yellow just wait and dont move the infantry section. They will shoot the sniper as soon as it appears again.
If that doesn't work get another section. One for finding the sniper and the other for shooting.

-What is this? a red building that instantly kills all squads that get near it!; This is probably a mg42 in a house. to deal with these you can build a WASP bren carrier. Most likely the enemy wont have any anti tank you can just rush straigh at the building. in the rare case there is a pak gun, just use the building as a line of sight blocker and approach from that angle. Anti tank guns have a 100% chance to harm your mobility so if you get hit I hope you already have done your job because you wont escape the 2nd hit. Driving away from a pak gun is kinda safer since you will be shwoing your rear and have less chance to get immobilized. I know weird?

-armored vehicle peppering your position with machinegun fire; This means the enemy went logistic support (Panzer elite light vehicle building) This one is easy to deal with. Just get a 2nd boys squad. Stay away from bren carriers in this situation since the enemy gets cheap mobile anti vehicle.

-"Swarm" of enemy infantry approaching your position; If none of your men are dying this probably means the enemy are using cannon fodder soldiers just build another sapper squad for a cheap counter. Incase enemy uses real soldiers get the bulletproof machine gun carrier "Bren" and equip it with a vickers HMG. This will hold off all early elite infantry from advancing too close to your lines. Just be sure to keep the Bren carrier away from enemy anti tank gun fire since it will most likely destory the engine reuslting afterwards the bren carrier getting destroyed.

-If enemy builds mortar; get a infantry section and burst the mortar down and snipe it when it tries to pack up reuslting in the mortar warping away from existence making the enemy look really stupid for building a mortar as their 3-4th unit.

In conclusion. Dont play US, Get the most ideal location with first sapper. Support said sapper with boys. Dont get overun. And fourth unit is counter pick to what enemy does.
This guide should make it that everyone can survive the first 5 minuts of the game.
And remember kids this mod favours defensive play and arty pens 100% of the time when 76mm M1A2 only pens 17% of the time.
Rifles are not for fighting. They are for building!

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