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WM Openings and Build Order

Posted: 21 Oct 2016, 21:51
by kwok
What are your openings/build orders as WM? Does high/low resource make a difference? What about map types?

Re: WM Openings and Build Order

Posted: 26 Jan 2017, 07:51
by kwok
On high resource, I have been experimenting with double AT guns on more open field maps. It stops jeeps and I have enough starting munition to stop any infantry with HE rounds. It's much more conservative but it really blocks the allied player(s) from advancing, giving the slow capturing WM a chance to actually capture and go even in resources in the early game. Usually, USA gets such a huge resource advantage early game because of the riflemen cost and capture speed. But locking down a sector and blocking harassing jeeps/rifles lets me keep up in capturing.

Re: WM Openings and Build Order

Posted: 27 Jan 2017, 05:33
by Wake
What are your thoughts on the "MessUupGood" strategy of doubles? He always makes double bikes, double 37mm AT guns, double snipers, then sits on those after choosing Terror doctrine until he can make Stuka rocket halftracks and Panthers.

It's a relatively decent strategy since he's good at using his early units.

Re: WM Openings and Build Order

Posted: 28 Jan 2017, 11:33
by kwok
WAKE, why aren't you playing?

I think Messy's strat works very well if the opponent doesn't see it coming. His problem is he would do it every time and once it's countered he gives up WAY too much. What that build order does is cripples early game capture power therefore delays mid-game power where allies do the most damage. But the tradeoff is high-risk/high-reward because you gain SO much map control on small maps and hopefulyl high vetted scaling snipers as the game goes on.

His philosophy in it is actually really interesting, we talked once and he said "It's about controlling XP and losses. That's why I don't like making basic infantry because that's just giving free XP."
By making snipers, he potentially houses and protects the XP from his opponent. At least until the snipers are killed. But, the idea is that hopefully by the time the snipers are killed (if they are ever killed) his snipers have earned him more XP. Then he accelerates himself into the late game with the XP lead where he rolls out OP grenadiers (and at the time KCH), nebels, and king tigers.

HIs style is super micro intense and formational dependent. You gotta have a really good sense of formation to protect those snipers. I can't do it well personally because my micro sucks but I'd like to be able to pull it off sometime.

Re: WM Openings and Build Order

Posted: 28 Jan 2017, 12:49
by Devilfish
For brits, early mortar emp, section rifle shot (can destroy his sniper spam in a matter of seconds if RNG likes you), rush for reccee.
For US, either focus on capturing your half quickly, tech up and smash him with mortar HTs, quads....or if you want to be agressive, spam him with cheap inf (engs/rifles). Pepper his positions with 60mm mortar smoke and rush in two waves his sniper positions. He will use 37mm HE on you. When he is done with HE, send the second wave and it's over.

Of course it's highly dependent on the map and setup. But as kwok said, it's very risky strategy and that's why mess usually drops in 15 mins, claiming his teammates are terrible noobs.