USA Openings and Build Order

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USA Openings and Build Order

Postby kwok » 21 Oct 2016, 21:50

What are your openings/build orders as USA? Does high/low resource make a difference? What about map types?

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Sukin-kot (SVT)
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Re: USA Openings and Build Order

Postby Sukin-kot (SVT) » 22 Oct 2016, 04:25

The most effective build order I have been using since ages: Jeep + rifles + pak + rifles + recon + sniper, it fits to all kind of situations, you get nice combined force on front really fast ( pak + jeep + rifles ) second rifles squad allows you to capture all your territory really fast ( rifles have the fastest cap rate in game ). It's very good for making an early push, garands are very deadly at close distance, and you have 3 squads for outmaneuver the enemy. also Granades are very powerful (unlike those of Volksgrenadiers, worth to add that volks generally are much worse than rifles at the start of the game, take advantage of it ). Usually I can fight with high success with this small amount of units till I get Quad cal + 57mm truck.

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Re: USA Openings and Build Order

Postby Warhawks97 » 22 Oct 2016, 15:04

Can agree. Just when i knew that i dont face PE i got often two squads of rifles first and finally a pak. Besides that if you manevuer the Rifles are more usefull than grens. But If you stay at distance you will lose every combat vs volks. The Engineers can be also brought up into battle. They can be usefull when attacking paks from two sides. When you get close enough engineers can kill the pak crew.

The rifles have fastest cap of all opening units. But later axis WH grens (and storms?) have the same cap speed as rifles.

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