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Cover types and their bonuses

Posted: 20 Jun 2016, 18:58
by MarKr
Hi, I have a few numbers for you to see what kinds of bonuses different types of cover provide. This might be useful for new players but veterans too :). A few points for the start:
- There are several cover types in the game and each provides some bonuses or nerfs to the unit that is in the cover. These cover bonuses stack with other bonuses the unit might have (veterancy, doctrinal upgrades etc.)
- Cover applies separately for each soldier so if you have a squad of 6 soldiers out of which 5 are in a green cover but the last one is in a yellow cover then each individual soldiers gets the bonuses according to the cover they are in. However supression is calculated for the squad as a whole so since yellow cover provides less resistance to supression than green cover, if the soldier in yellow cover gets supressed then the whole squad gets supressed even if the rest of the squad is in green cover (this is engine limitation and we can do nothing about it).
- The bonuses or nerfs against each weapon are set individualy for every weapon in the game. Bullets-firing weapons seem to be unified to the following bonuses but e.g. flame weapons are a bit different - in general they are more effective against targets in green cover, but less against targets standing in water. But for general fighting situations this should be most important for you:

You get following stat changes if you attack target in:
Negative (red) cover:
Accuracy +25%
Damage +25%
Supression +50%

Target in water:
Damage +50%

Target in the open (no cover):
Accuracy +25%
Damage +25%

Light (yellow) cover:
Accuracy -50%
Supression -50%

Heavy (green) cover:
Accuracy -75%
Damage -50%
Supression -90%

Target in a building:
Accuracy -60%
Damage -60%
Supression -100% (impossible to supress)

Target in a trench:
Accuracy -60%
Damage -75%
Supression -100% (impossible to supress)

Target in a bunker:
Accuracy -85%
Damage -25%
Supression -100% (impossible to supress)

Target being transported (Trucks, Halftracks etc.):
Accuracy -75%

Target in smoke:
Accuracy -75%
Supression -95%

When a cover provides e.g. -90% supression it means that in such cover a unit gains "supression points" 90% slower NOT that it subtracts 90% of suppression the squad already has. So if a unit is suppressed and they manage to crawl into green cover they don't become "unsupressed" but they build up any further supression A LOT slower.

You can see that firearms have bonuses against target without cover too so when your infantry stands in the open, without any cover, even crappy weapons have a good chance to hit them.

Keep in mind that each weapon can be set differently but most infantry weapons are set this way so you can take this as a general overview of what types of cover are better at what.

Re: Cover types and their bonuses

Posted: 21 Jun 2016, 11:52
by JimQwilleran
I have a question about how smoke cover works.

If I fire smoke shells between my units and enemy units who gets accuracy penalty? Both or only enemy?

Re: Cover types and their bonuses

Posted: 21 Jun 2016, 12:29
by MarKr
I tried to test it few days ago and it seems that both units...if anything fires through/from/into smoke, it gets accuracy nerfs.

I plan to make a topic focused on smoke so if you can wait a little bit longer, you can then read it all :D

Re: Cover types and their bonuses

Posted: 21 Jun 2016, 14:55
by Warhawks97
nice post but heavy cover is not simply heavy cover. Different weapons behave against certain cover in a different way. I also thought i would make such a list but then i figured out that i would have to write down all (or as you said the bulet based one) weapons and their specific behaviour against certain cover types. I cant remember all but i know that the cal 50 had no accuracy penalty against units in yellow cover.

More complicated are fortifications and also bunkers. Especially "Bunker cover" was sometimes really funny (cant remember what exactly though) which sometimes left me sitting in front of my pc completely astonished.
But also fortification cover was interesting. There i think was also the reason why gammon bombs have no affect against units inside houses for example.

Re: Cover types and their bonuses

Posted: 21 Jun 2016, 15:02
by MarKr
Yes, I said that each weapon can be set differently and even if some weapons behave differently, you can get the general idea of how much is green cover better than yellow, yellow better than open, what the difference is between trench and house etc.

Re: Cover types and their bonuses

Posted: 23 Jun 2016, 13:59
Nice article!
This numbers (%) is about static targets, but what is about moving targets "on negative" (roads), "on water", "on open" , "on yellow" (craters terrain) ?

Re: Cover types and their bonuses

Posted: 23 Jun 2016, 15:12
by kwok
There is a modifier per weapon against moving targets if I remember. So, like Warhawks said, it is a long list. I'll try to contribute digging out numbers as well. Is there anything people want the most? Maybe explaining how the damage system even works (like it's not pure HP based but HP-linked critical based).

Re: Cover types and their bonuses

Posted: 23 Jun 2016, 18:47
by Warhawks97
that moving thing is funny. A not moving cromwell for example is harder to hit as a moving one. Its not rare that moving targets are as easy or even easier to hit.

Some vehicles are harder to hit while moving thats true (at least for many paks and single shot based weapons). As for infantry it depends.

tp_inf_soldier used by most PE inf (not SS squad or luftwaffe) is harder to hit for some weapons if they dont move. Jeep MG for example suffers accuracy penalty vs PE inf while those isnt moving. So when you face jeep with PE just go in cover and dont make a step.

Inf with tp_airborne (AB inf and now also regiment 5) are harder to hit for most weapons while moving.
tp_inf_riflmen_elite used by rangers is the opposite of AB. Those are often harder to hit while not moving. Thats why i keep them often with M1 Garand and lmg instead ith thompson. And if you attack then its important to click hold ground when you are close enough and try not to lose to many. With AB inf its maybe better to simply keep moving towards the enemie with thompson rather than using hold ground.

That moving/not moving thing has no "rules". I thought about changing it in my homebrew version but i havent done it yet. Its crazy much work, especially when trying to make it realistic that moving targets are harder to hit and so on. I would have to get into dozens of weapon while and changing in each of them dozens of target tables.

And making such a list like markr did with cover would be much harder if not impossible unless you focus on very few general samples like AB inf, Ranger and PE inf.

Re: Cover types and their bonuses

Posted: 24 May 2020, 21:23
by Walderschmidt
Can you pin this somewhere?