Request: Emplacement Icons on Tactical Map

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Request: Emplacement Icons on Tactical Map

Postby Psiborg » 22 Dec 2014, 23:58

(This is a repost from ... rhead-map/)

When watching replays of BK mod games, I really appreciate that you can see certain emplacement types (e.g. AA/AT guns) on the tactical map. However, you can't see icons for ALL emplacements (e.g. machine gun nests, bunkers, medic stations, Fwd HQ, etc.).

What I like to do is watch replays of my games on the overhead map and study the strategies used. Sometimes, I like to capture and annotate movies or screen shots of the tactical map to discuss with team mates. This works really well except that when you can't see all the emplacements, some stuff just doesn't make sense. For example, unit movement may avoid certain choke points guarded by a MG nest and/or mortar pit. But when you can't see them on the map, the movements don't make much sense.

My request is that ALL emplacements receive icons rather than just some of them. It would really make the post game analysis so much better!

I know that focus for the mod is being switched to CoH2 which is great. However, as I'm still more interested in the existing BK for the original CoH, I'm hoping that it continues to get at least a little attention as things move forward.

This mod is incredible and I expect to be playing it for years to come! Thanks for the consideration and all the hard work!

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Re: Request: Emplacement Icons on Tactical Map

Postby Warhawks97 » 27 Dec 2014, 17:41

as i said in the other forum i support this idea. Its devs decision and if they have time for that or how uh work it would be.

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