Could I modify the construction time???

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Could I modify the construction time???

Post by chulefei »

Hello~~~ :D
I always play skirmish with AI,It seems that AI spawns tanks or vehicles very fast,I should say the infantry fight period is too shot。
So I increase the building time of 2nd_motorpool, motorpool, battalion_support_building, company_support_building.
Even though I have modified the time_cost of every building and give a very high value to it(Ex。I gave motorpool time_cost about 4,000 seconds ), But it seems there has an upper limitation building time of every building.
(Ex. the actual construction time of motorpool is not 4,000 seconds but 155 seconds)
And I also tried to increase the HP of the building but it also not work。

So Asking for is there any method to increase the construction time to 10 minutes for motorpool, 2nd_motorpool, battalion_support_building, company_support_building.
If it is possible, I could enjoy a longer infantry battle. :lol:

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Re: Could I modify the construction time???

Post by CGarr »

I think the inf-only gamemode currently available works with bots, but you'd prob have to do some potentially heavy work in corsix to get the motorpool thing working. Also, keep in mind, some inf units are unlocked by the motorpool being built so the bot might have a pretty weak unit composition without it.

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Re: Could I modify the construction time???

Post by kwok »

do you know/have corsix?

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