FAQ Plans to include the Maus or Black Prince (or ____ etc) tank?

Talk about CoH1 or BKMOD1 in general.
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FAQ Plans to include the Maus or Black Prince (or ____ etc) tank?

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No. There are no plans for a Maus or Black Prince or etc.


1. There is no PVP reason. Units of similar role exist and having another tank for the sake of having attack that has a very very similar role is pointless. The focus of this mod will continue to be catering to the PVP community, not catering to a fanboy community. There are other mods that exist with those units to live out those fantasies.

2. BK does not have the permissions to use soviet models/artwork to include in the mod. We will not compromise artistic integrity because we too rely on the unspoken rule that artists don't steal from others. We (as in the entire community not just the dev team) are not dicks.

We will create units based on PvP need after in depth discussion. The majority of the time these new units do not require new models. Chances of bringing in any new models to the mod are extremely extremely low, so much so it's not worth asking unless you have the model that YOU made yourself already.

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