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Re: luft & ra beta

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Warhawks97 wrote:
MenciusMoldbug wrote:Can we give gebirgs a marksman ability similar to the one the british infantry section has? I always felt like this ability fit them the most and it could be a compensation for not being able to paradrop anymore. They cost pretty much the same as the hauptman heavy squad now and that squad comes with a sniper model in it.

In vcoh the rifle squad required a scoped rifle upgrade in order to be able to use this ability.
To be honest, i wonder why it isnt the case in bk anymore. There is space for a third upgrade.

Like give CW rifle squad an upgrade that adds one or two scoped rifles which have increased basic accuracy and adds the sniper shot ability.

Same could be done for gebis. Once they get scoped G43´s they can also use a sniper shot ability. Question is: Is there any UI space left?

There's enough space for 6 weapon upgrades in total on the UI, this was proven with 101's having the second recoiless rifle on the 4 slot hidden after u press "+"

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Re: luft & ra beta

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Talked about the space for the ability, not upgrade.

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Re: luft & ra beta

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Viper wrote:loadout of luftwaffe paratroopers are fine, but their price is not.......way too high.

should be 400 or 450 mp

I agree with viper on this one, current price is way too expensive for inf since HE and stuff will always have wipe potential, doesnt matter how strong the squad is. I'd rather see them nerfed a bit to be more in line with all the other elite inf in the game and made cheaper so you can actually make risky flanking maneuvers without gambling so much MP, their economic disadvantage should come through bleed potential rather than just hemorrhaging a ton of MP if you lost the entire squad to an unlucky HE shot and some coax fire. I made a couple polls on balance suggestions about how to alleviate this issue, the second one (viewtopic.php?f=15&t=3436&p=32090#p32090) had everyone agreeing that cost and price should be lowered.

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Re: luft & ra beta

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Adding to that is the enormous cost of upgrading your units.

75 ammo per upgrade per unit - that's 225 for ONE Fallschirmjäger squad and 150 for one Gebirgsjäger squad.
675 for 3 Fall and 450 for all Gebirg, that's well over 1000 ammo that you could not use anywhere else.

Gebirgs seem fine, but for Fallschirm I'd rather have a 1 time upgrade for the FG42s costing 100 ammo than upgrading twice for 75 each. Apart from that the new units feel great, good job. :)

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Re: luft & ra beta

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This talk of Henschel Patrol beeing OP but a single plane not packing enough punch..

Why not send two planes with a delay of 5 seconds in between, coming from the same direction.

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Re: luft & ra beta

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We need the Focke Wulf FW 190 air strike back, at least with the recon model.

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