May need to stop playing

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May need to stop playing

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So, Steam support are no good.

Most recent problem is them spamming me with emails, and their unsubscribe is broken, and theyu're asking me to do work to try to figure out how to fix or work-around their broken web-page.

I've just about had enough of them. Everything with them is hassle and trouble.

I'm thinking now to delete my Steam account.

People normally can't do this. They're effectively blackmailed by the money they've given to Steam, so they have to endure whatever support does or however bad Steam becomes. It's like DRM, in fact.

However, for me, the only Steam game I still play is BKM.

Now, it used to be that I could play BKM without Steam - and that's how I used to play it.

Not so long ago it was decided to release only on Steam.

So either I let Steam blackmail me by the money I've spent buying their games so they can be dicks to me, or I quit BKM.

Or - a thin chance - you guys resume publishng BKM for non-Steam users.

How about it?

There's also a chance non-Steam installs using VPNs can avoid the desync problem. I was working on testing this when you stopped publishing for non-Steam installs. At least that way friends who play together can avoid desync. (Nice choices huh - no desync, or the lobby for a PUG).

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