White cover

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White cover

Post by mofetagalactica »

¿What are the bonuses that you get on White cover (When an armor is close) for infantry compared to Green cover?

¿Is white cover somehow a 360° cover? Or flanking denies this?

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Re: White cover

Post by MenciusMoldbug »

All weapons have their own modifiers against cover. The general modifiers for units shooting at stuff in yellow cover (such as M1 Garands that I'm looking at now) is 50% decreased accuracy against them. Green cover is 75% decreased accuracy and 50% damage reduction. So if you think it's better to build sandbags than rely on the yellow cover with the builder units; It's probably a good idea because sandbags build pretty fast.

I differentiate between two different types of cover, but really there's only one. There are those that I count as a 'line' cover: Which are types of cover where it only cares whether you are behind it when something hostile in front is shooting at you. So those picket fences that count as yellow cover don't work if you are on the wrong side of it. Green cover works the same way with the stonewalls and other natural map stuff. However, if there was a way to 'teleport' inside these stonewalls and picket fences you would find they give 360° cover to units. This is what I call 'circle' cover.

Craters always count as circle cover; I.E. giving units 50% decreased accuracy against them from whatever is shooting at them. I know some maps have 'green cover craters' that give 360° green cover***. Which makes fights in them quite silly as it looks like they are using VCoH damage models. However they are very rare, and all AOE weapons are made to generate yellow cover craters (I think there's exceptions to this but I haven't checked) so you'll pretty much never see them outside of a few specific maps.

***If you've played Autry there's also weird types of cover there. Like the bottom side middle-left part of the map (where the +9 fuel is) stonewalls. You can get close enough 'inside' of them to get 360° green cover out of them. There is also 'fake green cover' as in those sandbags right above them which don't give you green cover at all if you stand behind them; There are only certain 'ledges' of those sandbags that give green cover. No idea why that happens but its the only type of cover I've counted as not working correctly so its not really a big problem.

Edit: Ah, you are talking about armor shield cover. I think they are like the defensive aura boosts for Gebirsjagers. So I'm guessing it decreases suppression values and accuracy against them if they are close to a tank. This stacks with normal cover bonuses; as it's not a 'cover type' but a stat boost like an officer aura. I would look for the exact bonuses they give but the list is too long for me to look through with the time I have. I hope someone else can provide that information.

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Re: White cover

Post by kwok »

within a 5 unit circle around the tank, infantry receive:
-25% received accuracy, -50% suppression

So it's not really "cover", direction doesn't matter. I never even looked into this but this is neat info to have. Time to figure out how to exploit it... lol

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Re: White cover

Post by winterflaw »

Yeah - it's nice to know the numbers for this.

I was using it earlier.

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