About Tank Commander ability

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About Tank Commander ability

Postby chulefei » 15 Dec 2018, 11:12

Dear comrades

I have 2 question about BKmod.
1. When tank commander enter an armor (1)the upper hatch will open (2)the tank commander will appear.
When tank commander leave an armor (1)the tank commander will disappear but the upper hatch keep open and not close.

This makes me feel upset, especially the tank in combat(watch!!!grenades!! !:lol: ).
How could I fix it? I found there were 2 actions under ebps(tiger)/hold_ext/on_loaded_hold_actions, and I try to do change something. But failed.LOL :roll:

2. I checked BKmod and found (tank commander‘s sbps)set the action radius to 1 to control area of effect(only for garrisoned tiger) and the slot_item\tank_commander_abilities seems like for change something for garrisoned tiger But strange is all modifiers is no_modifier.

So I realized whether the tank commander plays his role in the garrisoned tiger. Is this true?

3. I also want to create some Hero units(Wittmann? Carius?) and apply a bonus or abilities to the vehicle when the tank commander is garrisoned inside. That will be interesting! But I have some problems to achieve this. So I added some abilities to ebps(tiger)/hold_ext/on_loaded_hold_actions.
Then I tested it and found when Hero units enter the tiger,those abilities was activated and work well, but when Hero units leave the tiger those abilities can still be used(I want to disable those abilities when Hero units leave the tiger). What should I do?

PS.Just for confirming:
on_loaded_hold_actions ---> in charge of vehicle aciton/ability after loaded.
on_loaded_squad_actions ---> in charge of garrisoning Hero units ability after loaded.
on_loading_modifiers ---> in charge of vehicle aciton/ability when loading.
Are these correct?

Salute all yours

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