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open roof tanks

Posted: 07 Apr 2018, 00:42
by Tiger1996
I was chatting with Mr.FeministDonut on Steam recently.. and we came up together with a nice idea.

Open roof tanks such as Hellcat, Wolverine, Jacksons, Marders, Wespe, Hummel, and Priest.. as well as any others.

How about adding an ability to all combat infantry units that allows them to throw grenades inside these tanks?

The ability would simply function as follows; it would cost around 40 ammo, with a similar range to normal grenades.. or perhaps slightly lower.
And when the ability is used, the soldiers will actually throw a grenade.. a normal grenade model. Once used against these particular targets, it should then work like sticky grenades.. dealing at least half HP damage!

Any thoughts? :)

Re: open roof tanks

Posted: 07 Apr 2018, 08:14
by Jalis
You are once more something like 5 years late.

Roughly it is not necessary to make a new ability. Using the target table is enough. On my side I use damage multiplier to raise damage effect for open structure vehicle. I introduced others specificities to these vehicles, that balance weakness and made them differents from normal tanks.

At the end I had only a very fews technicals problems. One example is the scott who share its Target table with the stuart.