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Re: Sturmtiger

Postby mofetagalactica » 06 Jan 2018, 04:31

Warhawks97 wrote:
Tiger1996 wrote:Well, after all it's just a 125kg bomb.. compared to 380mm rocket! ^ ^

Nonetheless, game-play wise... You still can't kill the most powerful Allied tank (Super Pershing) when it's full health with just 1 shot using the SturmTiger, as the SP would always survive with about 10% HP or so. That's fine though since it's available only once...
Yet, on the other hand just two 125kg bombs by an airstrike are enough to kill even a full HP JagdTiger! Or even the King Tiger which is the most expensive unit in the game... So, I believe it's still balanced and justified.

If anything, then I think just the rear armor of the SturmTiger has to be reduced and maybe MP cost increase.. perhaps from 700MP to 1000MP but that's really all about it.

holly shit. The game for you is really all about tigers and super pershing as the ultimate measurement.

And i can tell you for sure: NO!

Did you even read the damage? Sure, crits and stuff, or bugs like a Pershing ace survives a direct V1 hit without a scratch?

Do you even care about the fact that an entire CW armored force which sticks usually together since their tanks have different roles, gets blasted away just like that? Do you even care a little damn shit for stuff aside Tigers and Super Pershings? And calculating a value of a weapon how it performs in comparison to it or how good it can kill it?

And what has mm to do with kilo? What you think how much HE your lovely 380 mm rocket contains? Exactly: 125 KG... Thats more than a 250 IB (112,27 kg) bomb carries.
My main concern is not that it deals damage in the aforesaid area. Its the fact that the damage loss at the edge of this blast area is so insignificant that it does not just damage stuff there but instead still killing it outright.

And yeah... lets simply increase cost like always.... fits perfect in the "axis quality" stuff. This time using some sort of allien explosives much better than stupid human made stuff.

It doesnt change the way a unit works in game. And how its used etc.

I would suggest to add a riflemen that throws rocks which kills any axis unit instantly. Range is 80 and cooldown 2 mins. Lets make it cost perhaps 800 MP? I know its stupid. But who cares. This is BK, right? As long as costs are balanced (in some ways)......

I also think that the far units from the center of the explosion should take less damage and not just destroy 100% of the units that are in the circle range of the explosion. But im pretty sure that devs will not be ok with it they will just say that it will get "useless"

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Re: Sturmtiger

Postby Tiger1996 » 06 Jan 2018, 22:55

Warhawks97 wrote:holly shit. The game for you is really all about tigers and super pershing as the ultimate measurement.

I think you miss the point... So, calm down please and try to get what I mean!

Those units are definitely not my ultimate measurement.. but mostly, these kind of "nuke" weapons would be often used to take down those particular expensive units... No one really is going to use airplanes against a group of Panzer4 tanks for example, but rather 2 Tigers, a King Tiger or a group of Panthers or generally the big cats! Neither anyone would usually use his SturmTiger to kill a group of Shermans, but rather the player would often use it to get rid of the Super Pershing (which he can't do if it's full HP) or maybe a group of Pershings then.. but who is going to combine all his Pershings in a single one spot??!! Usually the Pershings would be scattered away.
Given the fact that it's not really worth it to sacrifice 6 minutes reload time and 150 ammo just to kill a few Shermans when you could just achieve the same result by other less demanding ways. I mean that the players would mostly save those destructive weapons so that they could use them to smash the most expensive units, which are the most dangerous the most of the time.. rather than wasting those kind of weapons on cheap stuff! Yet, that's surely while excluding some extreme conditions or some certain situations when those weapons could also be used to wipe out cheap units.

Nonetheless, my point here is that.. game-play wise, the Airborne airstrikes are just as deadly and are capable of being just as much destructive as the SturmTiger... Perhaps even more destructive, specifically when keeping in mind that those airstrikes can be used a lot more frequently...
So, in my humble opinion.. there is really nothing to complain about here, maybe except the over-performing rear armor of the SturmTiger.

Though, that's just my opinion regarding this matter... I surely appreciate how you apparently hate the way of which the SturmTiger is currently represented in the game, though... I guess we also still agree with each other on different subjects ;)

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Re: Sturmtiger

Postby Warhawks97 » 07 Jan 2018, 16:19

well. You are wrong when you say that only expensive units are being targetd by "nukes". When i have dozens of 17 pdr pits and shit, why should i or my mate waste res on killing a tiger which at this point is harmless like a little cat rather than a tiger? The nebelwerfer or maultier or wespe or hotchkiss would at this time be the greater threat and the much prefered target.

You kill what is your main threat. Or what has the biggest impact on the game. When i see an 17 pdr pit or pershing and then see that my mate has a jagdpanther, why shooting the pershing then? The group over there of two or three 95 mm churchills are perhaps the prefered target.

My philosophy is, that these "super units" are usless without the support arround.... I seldomly shot shot elephants or jagdtigers etc with my priests. Instead i destroyed stuff arround it. AT guns, aa positions etc.

And thats the same with the sturmtiger. Ok, i killed pershings as well, but the point is that there is not just a blast area, its a 100% dead zone. And there is nothing comparable.

And airstrikes can be evaded much easier or shot down. The rocket appears out from the fog of war (like arty often does) and no second later comes the impact.

Its stupid to believe that "the most expensive" units are always the top priority target. And it doesnt makes things better. The blast area shouldnt be a 100% dead zone to everything. At least not for a weapon that strikes so suddenly and accurate.

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