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Re: New faction

Postby Tiger1996 » 04 Nov 2017, 09:15

KornBlatt wrote:
Warhawks97 wrote:ah come on, is that really necessary now? That leads to nothing. You wont change someones mind this way. Would be nice if this pointless personal attacks would end here. I am checking "unread posts" just to see stuff like this.....

Maybe, maybe, but you would be a fool to trust Tiger1996 with a rented truck

Wait, what? Who's that?
What do u know about Tiger1996 to trust or not trust him at all? I don't think we know each other in any possible way.
And why coming up with my name in the first place? The personal stuff on this topic actually has nothing to do with me...
I am not a part of this dispute here.

By the way, I think this thread should be probably locked or something.

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Re: New faction

Postby MarKr » 04 Nov 2017, 12:19

Mr. FeministDonut wrote:its another time great arabs saving this world from wars and disagreements

idliketoplaybetter wrote:When was previous time arabas saved the world though? : DDDDDDDDDDDD

KornBlatt wrote:Maybe, maybe, but you would be a fool to trust Tiger1996 with a rented truck

Forum guidelines:
Nieles wrote:9. No politics, no religions, Personal political and religion views don't belong into the Forum, except we start them because we think they are important or we want you to discuss about them. This Forum is primary a gaming forum and not a platform to discuss political, religious oppinions or events.

Nieles wrote:2. No spam, no flaming.That means no threads inciting flames or mindless chatter.

Warnings issued.
Despite some people thinking it would be great and "eye candy" and what not, BK is NOT adding Soviets or any other new faction. That is the final word in this matter. It has been explained many times why we take this stand point and it is irritating for us to keep repeating it again and again so you can look it up the other posts.

Thread locked.

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