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Small change.

Posted: 15 May 2017, 23:53
by Tiger1996

Kinda wanted to suggest a very small change, implementing this won't change much anyway... However; I think it's pretty legit.. that's why I think I should still suggest it.
New Terror doc.jpg

The suggestion is very simple as you can see...
Currently the King Tiger requires 11 direct command points to be unlocked, whereas the SturmTiger requires only 7 direct command points.

The suggestion is to swap 1 command point from the Tiger1 unlock to the SturmTiger OR from the King Tiger unlock to the SturmTiger again.. it would pretty much end up with the exact same results, but if the command point is taken from the Tiger1 unlock... Then it would result the Terror Tiger to be as early available as the Blitz Tiger too, which requires 4 command points.
Though I am already aware that the Terror Tiger currently requires 5 command points on the other hand for a balance reason... Since it's slightly cheaper than the Blitz doc Tiger.
Yet, the primary goal of this suggestion after all is to delay the SturmTiger with 1 command point, while allowing the King Tiger a bit earlier with 1 command point in return, so (-1) command point could be just taken from the King Tiger unlock to the SturmTiger unlock and that's it.

And just for info...
JagdTiger requires 10 command points.
Super Pershing\Pershing Ace requires 9 command points.
Tiger Ace requires 9 command points.
Elephant requires 9 command points.
Croc Churchill requires 8 command points.

So, I don't really understand why the KT requires 11(?) and SturmTiger only 7(?) command points.
I would say it should be 10 points for KT, and 8 points for SturmTiger... Who could disagree? And plz explain why.

Re: Small change.

Posted: 16 May 2017, 00:55
by Panzerblitz1
----> nope, the Tiger I or the King Tiger isn't a turret less slow mobile artillery who shoot one shell with a very long cooldown, there is no way those units will come earlier into battle, "game breaking alert", this is not a small change, you have already the best medium Panzers in the Blitz doc, i know that some guys want to see the KT earlier in game, but it is not a good idea.

Re: Small change.

Posted: 16 May 2017, 01:50
by Tiger1996
Well, ya.. it's not a big deal anyway! Though I just thought I could still throw this suggestion on the table...
So I am not going to argue much about it :)