malicious file

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malicious file

Postby xtnz » 08 Jan 2017, 15:34

hey guys
i just wanted to download the installer from moddb and both firefox and chrome blocked it by saying its a malicious file and can contain malware

so whats up? is it just a false positive?

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Re: malicious file

Postby MarKr » 08 Jan 2017, 16:15

Yes, I am pretty sure the file is OK :)

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Re: malicious file

Postby JimQwilleran » 08 Jan 2017, 16:28

It's ok, I get the same message every time too.

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Re: malicious file

Postby Panzerblitz1 » 08 Jan 2017, 18:01

Yes, all the time windows is giving a warning like that.

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