desync fixed/solved.

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desync fixed/solved.

Postby CincinnatiKid89 » 15 Dec 2016, 19:18

Hello everybody,

my name is Thorsten from Berlin, Germany and I just wanted to share something with you regarding "desync". Ever since Company of Heroes came out I never really stopped playing it - especially when the Blitzkrieg Mod came out. But the last 2-3 years were pretty rough, because "desync" pretty much destroyed the game for me and my friends. At first you got notified with an on-screen message as soon as the games became desynchronised - but as time went by it just went unnoticed until you saw a tank that did not exist on your friends game. I have wasted hours in matches that ended in a desync... I think you all pretty much know what I am talking about. I looked everywhere for solutions, EVERYWHERE, and I tried everything, believe me, EVERYTHING... A couple people said that "desync" is an engine issue, or comes from lag, or that it was because of maps with difficult terrain, or when you call in off-map stuff, or because of bad servers etc, and I always believed all that. I spent countless hours trying to hold on to the one and only game I always come back to and which is still fun to play after all these years. All hope seemed lost. But now I finally "fixed/solved" it. And when reading my fix/solution some here will say "duh, I knew that all the time" or "that's not a fix/solution" please hear me out. I am posting this here because no one ever mentioned this fix/solution before and even if it is not a direct fix/solution you won't have any disadvantages. So without further ado, here it comes:

The key to fixing/solving "desync" was to think outside the box. Ever since the glorious (sarcasm) "Relaunch / New Steam Version" came along, the old versions stopped working. And additionally the newer Blitzkrieg Mod versions were labeled "New Steam Version Only". So for the last couple years I based my troubleshooting on these two conditions. But that is bullshit, sorry. Since it didn't matter what Blitkrieg Mod version I tried, wether they worked flawlessly in the past or not, and because "desync" became more apparent over time, introduced with the "Relaunch / New Steam Version" my suspicion was that the servers were somehow to blame. To cut to the chase - I can tell you what I did the last couple days and what I finally achieved today:

1) Wipe everything COH related
2) Download and install Tales of Valor 2.500
3) Update all the way to 2.602
4) Install BK Mod + Updates (for me up to 4.9.6 BETA)
5) Install and use Tunngle
6) ?????
7) Profit!

To test this I did the following:

1) Set up 2 PCs with completely identical COH + BK MOD + Tunngle
2) Start 8 player extra large map with AI
3) Play for at least half an hour + call in all kinds of off-map stuff
4) Quit or finished the game to save the replay
5) Play back replay to exactly the same time spot and pause
6) Make a screenshot of tactical map with identical cam-position
7) Paste screenshot to paint and crop to identical size
8) Compare both games for differences

I could not spot a single difference in these games and all units were at the exact same location with exactly the same health. If you think Tunngle can't be the solution then please hope for a magical solution that will come raining from the skies for the steam version but trust me, this right here saved this game for me forever. I just love to play with my friends vs AI and I never wanted more than this. I attached the last two games/pictures I compared so you can have a look for yourself. The aspect ratio is a little bit different because my friend uses a standard 16:9 monitor and I use an ultrawide 21:9 monitor. And why the hell is BK Mod "New Steam Version Only"??? It just works flawlessly with the 2.602 version of Tales of Valor... pff.

I hope this helps - and thank you very much.

Greetings from Germany,

Vinzenz-PC 25.jpg
Thorsten-PC 25.jpg

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Re: desync fixed/solved.

Postby CincinnatiKid89 » 15 Dec 2016, 19:19

Oh and by the way if you have any questions where to get Tales of Valor 2.500 or how to use Tunngle just feel free to ask!

bye bye!

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Re: desync fixed/solved.

Postby Jalis » 15 Dec 2016, 19:29

Does it means by using tunngle, you presume desynch dont exist in lan ? Because desynch is something common in lan.

I had even desynch in solo game, understand watching the replay after a certain time, the replay I was watching wasnt the solo game I had play.

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Re: desync fixed/solved.

Postby JimQwilleran » 16 Dec 2016, 20:21

Sadly this is not a solution for masses, only for small groups of friends who literally can't play because of desync. Sure it's annoying to have it, but most of us don't experience it so often I think.

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Re: desync fixed/solved.

Postby stadtbub » 12 Mar 2017, 02:00

Hallo Thorsten,

bitte erkläre mir das mit dem Tunngle doch mal genauer - evtl eine kleine Anleitung wäre Klasse ;)

viele Grüße

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Re: desync fixed/solved.

Postby Hidexas5 » 12 May 2017, 03:50

return man 3 You are fond of this game,that's great.
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Re: desync fixed/solved.

Postby Panzerblitz1 » 12 May 2017, 07:54

stadtbub wrote:Hallo Thorsten,

bitte erkläre mir das mit dem Tunngle doch mal genauer - evtl eine kleine Anleitung wäre Klasse ;)

viele Grüße

English please.

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Re: desync fixed/solved.

Postby Tiger1996 » 12 May 2017, 18:00

I wonder if moving to Steam could probably solve anything about the desync issue! :roll:

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Re: desync fixed/solved.

Postby Alman » 27 May 2017, 22:09

it is very very very hurting game. because of that , this mod cant go forward.

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Re: desync fixed/solved.

Postby speeddemon02 » 27 May 2017, 22:32

Ive found having the weakest computer host greatly helps the desync, but doesnt solve it

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Re: desync fixed/solved.

Postby Alman » 28 May 2017, 15:30

speeddemon02 wrote:Ive found having the weakest computer host greatly helps the desync, but doesnt solve it

i will try that.

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