Countering Luftwaffe PE as British?

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Countering Luftwaffe PE as British?

Postby Misha » 10 Aug 2016, 04:48

Hey guys! I was wondering if anyone could give me some pointers on how to beat my friend. He only plays Luftwaffe PE(he insists it's the best faction+doctrine combo in the game) and basically rushes for armor as soon as possible so that he can amass tanks to destroy me.

I know the fact that he's able to amass tanks in the first place is a mistake on my part, I don't take enough fuel points from him and such. But I want to know what a good opening and doctrine would be for me in order to beat him while I work on my capping skillz.


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Re: Countering Luftwaffe PE as British?

Postby Tiger1996 » 10 Aug 2016, 06:43

Welcome to the Bk mod forum :)

If your Luft opponent is primarily depending on infantry, then I believe the best counter would be to use snipers... Yes; I eventually mean that u will have to pick up the RAF doctrine! Since it's the only CW doctrine which allows u having any snipers.
Your airstrikes also should be providing you a decent support against both his inf and vehicles.. just make sure to carefully adjust ur airplanes path before calling them in... I mean; try to avoid flying through AA guns.

I would disagree however that the Luft doc is the best anyhow.. even though it's very versatile, yet there are several weak points to consider... Use PIATs in order counter his mortar HT. And always try to invest your fuel into Achilles or Fireflys!
Your Commandos also can immobilize enemy tanks using Gammon bombs, first immobilizing enemy tanks before calling an airstrike upon them.. is always a good tactic.

It's understandable that he is able to capture points much faster than u could do, thanks to Kettenkrads. But u can still upgrade your HQ trucks! You will gather more res specifically when ur trucks are constructed at key points.
To the opening, u definitely need a Lieutenant at first.. then I would probably say an AT rifle squad. Then MG team! Try to get the Recce as fast as possible... But watch out for his 28mm car ;)

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