Weird Desync and low FPS

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Weird Desync and low FPS

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Hey everyone,

This is a quite complex situation since my buddy and I have tried many things but didn't succeed.
It all began when at the start of the match (and not even always) the troops of my budy wouldn't respond to commands.
We tried:
- Me as Host
- Different Maps
- Different Networks
- reinstall of Game
None of them worked.
Until we looked in the Log Files and saw an Error related to Desyncronised game
We looked for differences in the games behavior on my PC and on his PC.
I am playing with Vsync and constant 60 FPS while my friend has high but unstable FPS
from 100-500 FPS.

We tried limiting his FPS with parameters
-refresh 60 -novsync -notriplebuffer
didn't work

we tried no parameters at all

didn't work

We tried forcing Vsync with Nvidea Control Panel
My friend has a GTX 1070

It worked but now his screen is flickering in-game and he has 2-10 FPS

Then we tried limiting his FPS with shitty Settings like the bugged Shadows.

The Desync Problem was solved but the game gets unplayable after 20 mins since those are buged settings.

What is the correct way to limit FPS in COH with bkmod?
(since we only tried putting the parameters in steam and we tried to run the parameters directly via windows with shortcuts)

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