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New Steam install, no "New Steam Version"

Posted: 28 Sep 2018, 19:13
by winterflaw
I use WINE on Linux to run COH.

I have been using the non-Steam game but now the mod is Steam only I installed Steam and then installed COH:TOV.

It doesn't work - it seems to try to authenticate with Relic.

I check the forum and read the thread about how to install COH.

I bought the original and had the CD key and added it to Steam in 2013.

When COH went Steam-only the "New Steam Version" showed up.

Problem is now I have a new Steam install, "New Steam Verson" is *not* there, and COH:TOV fails to start - I think it's trying to authenticate with Relic.

Getting support for Steam is almost impossible - I eventually Googled and found a way to find a page which lets you submit *a* support ticket (but for a billing problem in fact - so they get my problem instead, and let's hope they do something).

Steam support is shit, basically. It's there to stop you making a ticket.

Anyways, anyone have any experience of this problem?

Re: New Steam install, no "New Steam Version"

Posted: 30 Sep 2018, 20:53
by winterflaw
This is the information from Steam Support;

ve looked into this and confirmed that the "New Steam Version" doesn't appear as a separate version in your library, but as downloadable content for the base game for Company of Heroes. You can verify this by doing the following:

Navigate to your Steam Library
Right-click Company of Heroes
From the dropdown list click "View Downloadable Content"

You should then see "Company of Heroes (New Steam Version) - Tales of Valor" in this window. When you install "Company of Heroes" and launch the game you'll be able to access the Tales of Valor content in-game instead of having to launch the separate listing.

This appears to be correct - "view downloadable content" is present, although only for "Company of Heroes", not for "Company of Heroes : Tales of Valor". I am currently installing "Company of Heroes" and will sett if it works.

I have to say, this set up to get hold of COH is an embarrassement.

Re: New Steam install, no "New Steam Version"

Posted: 30 Sep 2018, 21:14
by winterflaw
Getting closer, but not there yet.

BK mod now is no longer complaining it cannot find the COH executable, but I get this instead;

Game is not being run as a known Company of Heroes product. Try again by launching game from Steam.

I'll start trying to fix this one in the morning.

As an aside, when I first installed Steam, it was completely kaput - could not download games - I had to manually fix a config file to make it work.

Smooth, professional, seamless end-user experience this is not.

Re: New Steam install, no "New Steam Version"

Posted: 01 Oct 2018, 00:58
by The New BK Champion
Don't worry, steam is consequently bugging everything that hasn't yet been broken. The recent new friends and chat window "design" is enough of a proof.

Good luck with your struggle btw.

Re: New Steam install, no "New Steam Version"

Posted: 01 Oct 2018, 10:23
by winterflaw
I think actually I've been a bit harsh on Steam about how things are arranged.

It used to be worse - there was CoH, CoH:ToV and then "New Steam Version".

This is confusing.

So now "New Steam Version" is hidden and comes automatically - this works for anyone who didn't know about the previous mess.

It's still confusing we have CoH *and* CoH:ToV though - I feel like I've installed the wrong game, to get the full game.