"an error occurred while starting the game"

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"an error occurred while starting the game"

Postby DJ-Devistatix » 12 Dec 2017, 20:47

I just did a fresh install of COH, OF, and ToV. then installed BK. (all through steam) I can play campaign when i launch all COH (including BK) games through steam, but whenever i try to play skirmish, i get a pop up that says, "an error occurred while starting the game". The only time skirmish works is if i launch ToV. when i go to search for multiplayer games, it says, "connection timed out" (but not when launching just ToV)... I do not know if this is a BK issue, or a COH issue. any help solving this issue would be greatly appreciated! It's been about 5 years since i last played COH or BK, and this is driving me insane!!!

Windows 10
msi - z270 gaming pro carbon
16GB ram
intel 630 HD (onboard graphics... haven't finished build yet)

(aside from ultilities, this is the only thing i have installed on my drive aside from steam and chrome)

I have tried reinstalling all COH games and BK mod twice.. i even tried installing without legacy edition. i have tried all 3 BK launch buttons... :(

(I'm currently reinstalling COH by itself without dlc or BK to see if i get the same error)

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