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"Online multiplayer 2"

Posted: 08 Apr 2017, 00:56
by sale93
Hi guys,i neead your help again.Finaly i bought my " COH-complete version" on e-bay ,install steam,find and activated COH on steam with my cd key ,and download it from steam as MarKr sead to me few months ago when i was talking to him.Now the key question :) ,how can i play this great mod online ,when i go to the icon of this steam COH , this isn t BM COH ,just usual COH ,i hope that you understend me ,my english is really rusty :P . So i'm asking your help to show me how can i start BM COH in steam ,not just usual COH :) . Until now ,me and my friend play onely trough lan partys :) ,but now we like to think that we are great and unwineble players :D :P ,just kiding :) ,and we would like to join you ,becouse we are really crazy abouth this mod ,you guys really do a great,excelent job ,we are waiting for new patches more then for Christmas :) ,so,if you have som time ,please help my to understand how to start BM online and where can i find you to play some matches ,ofcourse if you want to accept me :) ,my steam name is sale 936 .Thanks for your help in advance ,i hope we see and most important play soon :) . i Wish you all good from Croatia :) ;)

Re: "Online multiplayer 2"

Posted: 09 Apr 2017, 19:51
by Henny
I think Blitzkrieg Mod comes with it's own desktop icon. It looks like an iron cross and its called "Blitzkrieg Mod", from there you can go to multiplayer