Black map?

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Black map?

Postby TehSpyChicken » 21 Dec 2016, 15:21

My friend and i used to play BK mod alot. But then something started happening and i started to load way faster than him which resulted in me entering the game and him staying on the load screen. When i am in game my map is black and everything is frozen. When he finnaly does enter the game neither of us can move our units nor produce anything. HE DOES have a low end pc, but blitzkrig ran just fine some time ago, he tried reinstalling blitzkrieg, reinstalling CoH. Help would be very much appreciated. :D

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Re: Black map?

Postby JimQwilleran » 21 Dec 2016, 16:59

I can report that this happened like 5 times to me too.
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Re: Black map?

Postby kwok » 22 Dec 2016, 00:56

It's basically a pregame desync. Check your internet connection and try to start a game ASAP from the lobby (though that only defers the desync). Because if I remember right, it's not just a bk thing. It happens more in bk cuz more data is needed to travel.

Or I'm completely wrong. What do I know.

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