[FAQ] Problems With Bk? Read This First Before Posting Here!

Do you have a problem with the mod? Ask here for help. But read the pinned topics, so that your request can be dealt quick with.
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[FAQ] Problems With Bk? Read This First Before Posting Here!

Postby Nieles » 26 Nov 2014, 12:25

Report guide
Post a Thread here and include the following infos:

- How to recreate the problem
- Anything you tried already to fix it
- Details about any error-message (screenshots of the message would be perfect)
- If BK/CoH crashed: post the text of the warnings.log (check the BK FAQs on the location of the warnings.log)
- Also post the DXDiag report so we can see if the problem maybe is hardware related

Keep in mind that if you just post "OMG me needz help, I got a good PC but BK is crashing!?!" without any additional infos as requested above, we aren't able to help you.
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