Bans & Suspensions

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Bans & Suspensions

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A Suspension is permanent. Period.

  • You can make one appeal to remove your ban. To do so, you have to send a E-Mail to one of the Administrators, stating what you did wrong, why it was wrong and how you can contribute more positively to the community in the future. The longer and more detailed it is and the better you can convince us, the higher your chance to get your ban lifted.
  • An appeal can be made at the very earliest of two months after you ban has started.
  • If your ban or suspension is lifted, the first thread you create is an apologize thread, in which you will state, that you are sorry and promise to amend your behaviour. If you don't do that, you will be automatically banned.

  • Post-Moderation (where a moderator must approve your posts is at least seven (7) days.
  • Post-Suspension (where you can view the community but not post) is at least fourteen (14) days.
  • We do not tolerate flaming and insulting against staff members. Participation and engaging with staff and like-minded community members is - to be abundantly clear - a privilege, and not a right. Members may continue to discuss and critique the mod in a civil manner, but any form of discussion targeted at an individual will not be tolerated. New and existing members who cannot adhere to the code of conduct, or maintain a civil demeanour at all times, are not welcome here.
  • Should the flaming happens via e-mail or the private message system the staff member is entitled to post the contents of the conversation in the internal moderation board. We will then approach the user in question and consult with him over the matter. Then will will render our judgement. Note: We are not, and cannot access the private message system in any manner more than the normal user can. Rest assured.
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