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Thread types allowed/disallowed

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These rules ate our position towards specific tread types. If you came here from the Relic-Forum you might already know those. Anyways we'd suggest to read them all again.

[*]No personal or "Hello" threads. This means that you can not make threads on how your day was at work or school. Members don't want to read how badly things went at school with such and such Teacher, or how a colleague at work fell over his chair. "Hello" threads are the domain of the Newcomers Forum. That is what it is for. Old Members coming back or New Members are to use the

[*]Newcomers Forum to introduce themselves.

Banned Threads and/or Links to sites containing said topics:
[*]King of Chaos
[*]Naming & shaming threads
[*]Flakpanzer 38t pink sides bug threads
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One guy gets beaten by a better player in PVP and comes and creates threads about a specific unit being OP.