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Behavior of forum members

Posted: 21 Nov 2016, 17:11
by MarKr
There is an increasing trend in violating forum guidelines, thus lately some Warnings were given and eventually the situation escalated into such extend that now we have three users with a ban for a month.

The thing is that some of you have a tendency to ridicule, insult (directly or indirectly) or provoke others. We do NOT want to see this kind of behavior here. Yes, we have a freedom of speech and you can say whatever you want but opinions can always be expressed in a polite way and rude way.
So, if you disagree with something, rude way is:
"This idea fucking sucks and if you really believe it is a good one, you are retarded as fuck"

Polite (and also a bit constructive) way could be
"Your idea is not very good because you have to consider that (your point 1, 2, 3...)"

If you participate in a discussion and react to a post of another user...rude way:
"LoL what? You just went full retard! If it is done your way, it will totally fuck up the balance! Don't be a jerk and deal with it as it is!"

Polite way:
"I disagree with your poin of view because your proposal would most probably mess up the balance in the game, if you consider (list of factors). But your problem can be solved/countered if you adjust your strategy (example of strategy)."

Especially after releasing patches...rude reaction:
"You guys fucked the whole mod, thanks and congrats!"

polite way:
"I don't think some of the changes were necessary because (list of reasons). Could you consider reverting the changes?"

I guess you get the picture. Both versions always explain the same opinion but with the polite versions you don't insult anyone. If there is someone who expresses themselves in not a rude way, yet you find their way of expressing irritating, don't react to them, or simply react to the point you want but not to the point of your irritation - I know this can be hard at times but take it as a practice for your real life - you'll be encountering irritating people A LOT.

Guys, please, don't insult one another, don't provoke others, don't ridicule others. We are tired of this behavior and we will issue bans for it, because now we told you to behave (actually repeatedly and the fact that we need to start a topic specifically about this is disturbing) and Guidelines clearly say
1. If a Mod or Admin tells you something, then do it.We aren't able to cover all possibilities within these guidelines, so the general rule of thumb is: If a Mod says black is white, it's white. Listen to what they tell you to do, regardless of whether you can find a rule about it or not.If you disagree with an admin or mods, send them a private message or complain in the in forum issues stating the reasons why.
and also I would like to remind you this
2. No spam, no flaming.That means no threads inciting flames or mindless chatter. Profanity is to be kept to a minimum: while permitted in context, excessive swearing will not be tolerated. Personal attacks - 'flames' - are strictly prohibited.
So just to remind you, by expressing yourself in a rude way, you are violating both of the rules above!

If you get ban and it expires or is removed, you have an obligation too:
If your ban or suspension is lifted, the first thread you create is an apologize thread, in which you will state, that you are sorry and promise to amend your behaviour. If you don't do that, you will be automatically banned.

I know that the forum rules were not followed in the past and no punishments were given (or only seldom) but this approach got us to this position so from now on, for violation of rules, you get a warning or ban right away, depending on degree of violation and our judgement.
So just so you are at the safe side, I recommend reading the rules again (first five locked and pinned topics): viewforum.php?f=22

Re: Behavior of forum members

Posted: 18 Dec 2016, 17:19
by Tiger1996
If your ban or suspension is lifted, the first thread you create is an apologize thread, in which you will state, that you are sorry and promise to amend your behaviour. If you don't do that, you will be automatically banned.

Even though I can see that one of those who recently had their temporary ban period lifted up, actually didn't comply to this particular rule.. as he normally managed to resume his participation on the forum, apparently without any obligations.
Which means that now I could also choose not to comply to this particular rule either...

Regardless however, I won't let my own ego prevent me of doing this. As I just don't care about others after all... For me; I've honestly decided to follow the forum rules precisely. Since I respect this place.. considerably enough, as I think of myself just as nothing rather than being somebody who is normally having a role of some kind among all the other passengers on this ship. While also everybody else are each surely having their own valuable roles too...

So, I would then like to apologize for my behavior of not complying to the forum rules previously. And from now on, I promise to keep my profile as low as ever possible!
But no one is perfect, and everyone is subject of doing mistakes.
However that at the end... No one is above the law.

Re: Behavior of forum members

Posted: 19 Dec 2016, 14:37
by MarKr
We agreed on private channels that we would cancel the part of "people will need to apologize after ban expires/is lifted" because we felt it is too "bossy". We forgot to mention it here but we followed it already.

So yes, we would not require it even from you but you post is a nice and appreciated gesture.