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Userbars & Signatures

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The pictures in your signature can be 400 pixels wide and 100 pixels high (or a different size like 450 x 80 pixels, but it shouldn't exceed the maximum of 400 x 100 = 40.000 pixels). You can put whatever you want inside that box, as long as you don't violate the following rules:

  • Total image size (this means any and all images that you may be using together) must not exceed 30 kilobytes.
  • One image per signature.
  • No animation
  • Exceptions can be granted by an administrator, although don't expect yes for an answer
  • Don't be obnoxious. This means no size seven bold pink lettering, or horribly annoying pictures. This rule is somewhat open to interpretation, if your signature is deemed too annoying a moderator will warn you.

Other than that, the usual posting guidelines apply - no porn, no warez, no racism, no flaming.'Userbars for Signatures.

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