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Any chance of adding a strict cap (1-2 units each) on artillery because seriously slug fests with mortar spamming germans are not fun at all. :evil: it is not a unit that offers a clear way to victory because i good army will still fend off any attack from a mortar spammer and is nothing more than an annoyance. The unit cap will speed up the game and stop games from coming to a hault (ww2 was a mobile war and courrently mortar spam sort of changes that)

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Re: Artillery

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we have all arty limited to 2- max 3 units. Mortars also.

The prob is that defense units and arty units belong to the cheapest in the game. Inf and vehicles and all that which makes it mobile are very costly usually. So the decision to pay 400 mp and like 50-150 ammo in an inf squad or vehicle than can be blown up and killed quite fast and which needs skills to bring them to success or paying 300 mp for an arty unit and 50 per barrage isnt that hard to do and esspecially for new players obvious.
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Re: Artillery

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There should not be a cap on Arty units, how else do they gain range and creep up the map, their armor options are absolutley appalling like paper, the cap is stupid. If people dont like arty then they should agree not to play with arty beforhand, and not spoil it for the players who do enjoy arty.