Tank warfare

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Tank warfare

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I had some thougts on an improved, more realistic type of tankwarfare.

Penetrating shota should always cause a critical. This way we make the game more realistic, instead of the shots just taking a chunk of the Healthpool. A penetrating shot often cause a malfunctioning of some kind. This way we also make medium tanks more reliable.
In BK1 medium tanks just take a chunk of the Health when penetrating a heavy tank, and then the heavy tank just backoff. With this system a tank can remain operational, but damaged.
You will have to scout with infantry, since you cannot rely on your HP - and backoff. You risk getting immobilized, and then the enemy can kill the crew and recover the tank.
The tanks should have a small healthpool, however representing the armor. When a shot doesnt penetrate it will cause damage to the armor, and enough shots will eventually destroy the armor (making every shot penetrate). The also have a chance of causing external criticals, like gunmer, tracks, gun etc.

The citicals there are ingame is:

- Ammorack (Blowing up the tank)
- Crew killed (tank crewable)
- Engine damaged (slower speed)
- Engine destroyed (immobilized)
- Tracks destroyed (immobilized)
- Driver killed (Cause the tank tondrive randomly, blow up)
- Loader injured (slower reload)
- Gunner killed (top MG gone)
- Gun destroyed (maingun gone)

There are plenty, the tank wont necesarry be killed with a single shot ;)

Secondly all tanks should have crews like the US tanks. The crew carry the veterancy. Sometimes it is better to bail out, keeping the veteran crew than letting them die in a immobilized tank - leaving a tank for the enemy (but like irl. You try to plant explosives and blow it up first)
Flamers should be lethal against the crew, at close range. MGs will keep the flamers at distance. But this way it is easier o take over enemy tanks.

I think this will make the tankcombat more interesting, and you will finally be able to outnumber heavytanks - making mass producing medium tanks worth it.