Welcome to the SimCity

Do you have a balancing problem or do you want to make a suggestion for the game? You are at the right place.
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Welcome to the SimCity

Post by Volksgrenadiers »

So guy i wanna ask you what do you think about British Emplacements?

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Re: Welcome to the SimCity

Post by Redgaarden »

Rifles are not for fighting. They are for building!

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Re: Welcome to the SimCity

Post by Sepp(esky) »

I'm sure we will hear something about all docs and favtions will have hard counters blah blah dont run your units into them blah blah...and then you'll be called a noob for complaining.

Now, if you complain about axis bunkers, that cost more, take forever to build, and are easily destroyed while building, then you might get some cred around here.

Welcome to the foruns.