A joke, or just a dream?!

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Krieger Blitzer
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A joke, or just a dream?!

Post by Krieger Blitzer »

Once again!!
Me as the CW RAF alone with Red's Armor doc as an AI (magically the CPU deployed 105 Shermans as well), cuz he dropped too early for some reasons.. vs both Kwok as Blitz and Panzer as Luft docs... Yet I won somehow! :shock:

A short Steam chat conversation with Red right after the game; However that actually he started watching my stream later but ONLY at the end btw.
Tiger1996: well
Tiger1996: i won
Tiger1996: .........................
©Redgaarden III: HOW?
Tiger1996: OP Brits :D
Just copy the file to ur 'C:Users\"username"\My Documents\My Games\Company of Heroes Relaunch\playback' and then u r good to go!
Bk mod v4.93 playback file.
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Re: A joke, or just a dream?!

Post by Armynator »

I love how the AI randomly selects a new doc when a player drops, sometimes this is a really big advantage :D

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Re: A joke, or just a dream?!

Post by Warhawks97 »

The bots become very strong on some maps, on others not.

At autry, road to cherbourgh, blazing and Hill 112 they tend to become incredible usefull. In a game at hill 112 which was won actually the opponent dropped. The bot spam was so hard (inf, jumbos, shermans, TD´s) that we almost lost the game.

I do call that "bot rider". For this reason, i do leave when my mates drop. Esspecially at road to cherbough bots spam incredible ammounts of shermans and as axis sometimes tigers. So bot riding is really not a cool thing and yes, bots do use arty like 105 shermans then.

The bots also can take several docs. When you start with armor then bot goes AB or inf in afterwads. I dont know if he can still use armor doc stuff but in your case the bot went inf doc.

Bot rider games are not worth being watched. I would hate me for my own doing so. Thats why i leave usually when mates drop. Also a good bot rider map is operation goodwood and some other 4 vs 4 maps.

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