so sad :/ 4v4

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so sad :/ 4v4

Postby ShadowIchigo » 16 Jun 2015, 23:28

great game goodwood

two randoms

8p_operation goodwood (8).2015-06-16.18-23-35.rec
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Re: so sad :/ 4v4

Postby Warhawks97 » 17 Jun 2015, 22:05

Very Interesting game. Booth teams had noobs, average players and pro players. Acker was not good but he realized that he is always relying on arty support. Any attempt to make major breakhtrough through hidden TH´s and paks without arty support is beyond the doctrines quantity capabilities or beyond any cost efficency and is just pure feeding. Acker realized that quickly. Its the first lesson for armor players.

I also would like to see having Walking stuka as CP unlock and Calli swapped with Jumbo or at least independent from jumbo unlock. And maybe reconsider the calli limit of 1 (while maultier and walking stuka limit is 2).

Also Grens are currently very cost effective. As they are actually basic inf they do compete very well with enemie elite inf (and is sometimes even better).

Also very nice to see the difference between skilled BK players and low skilled BK players. Cyberzombie is playing more or less alone against RAF and AB, having just a few units. But he uses two storm squads and ostwind so much more effective as shanon his entire army of dozens of storm squads. He is the typicall axis example. Going straight for Maultier and which is till the end the only unit scoring higher kill counts. And 3 stormsquads always wasted in usless blobb assaults against MG´s etc just to do one kill before retreating. And finally going for super range units having no other idea how to play. And this is why i dislike these super range units so much. Whenever they are deployed they simply killing the fun in any game. And when trying then to hunt it with a hellcat in flank speed they are often so damn lucky that they survive while the Th dies by hidden tankbusters, schrecks etc. All halfway skilled players dont use that unit (luckily) as everybody knows that they just kill the fun of games. Skilled players are doing also much better without these units as cyber shows it here very well and then games do make fun for both sides.

A Tiger got lost in an ambush, ok, shit happens. Hold the line and get a new one. The best way to use heavy tanks is how this team did it. Having always infantry support and using the range advantage. Inf in front and between the tanks, those provide fire support at range. On Range they are playing out their armor protection and long range guns most effectively. And when inf is in front every allied TD that opens fire from mid range to increase penetration chances is doomed to die and will get damaged/destroyed whenever they do a shot on a Tiger or even before. And when the heavies are then only damaged they can return to base for repairs or using PE inf with fast repairs.

Also funny is that we had just endless discussions about 3 zooks in inf doc in one AT squad, being supposed OP because they can damage a Axis tank. But a single schreck that right away critically damages a persh is nothing special and accepted. Then complains that OMG a hellcat kills Panther from ambush, but Hetzer that kills Pershing (without tank commander) is buisness as usual.

For allied i think the AB player wasted too much. He had to become first line defense aganst axis heavy tanks. US armor player was lacking teamplay and made the mistake to play it like an axis doc using Pershings, thinking they are anyhow usefull as Panthers or so.

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