4v4 balanced good game

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4v4 balanced good game

Postby crimax » 23 May 2015, 17:26

Map: Operation Goodwood

-GLORIA Terence (RA)
-Shadowichi (King RAF) (RAF)
-Nugiman (Inf)
-Leg.Zoidberg (Armor)

-Erich (SE)
-Illa pulchra esse dicitur (Terror)
-Crimax (BK)
-Cpt. Scout (Def)

Balanced game and good rithm. The frontline don't move too much for long time.
Mixed doctrines: Tanks, Infantry, Air but the presence of RA + Inf vs. SE + Def overpowered the artillery role maybe.
Allies tried in early and mid game to break the line but axis managed to hold it pretty well.
Pretty well played match from both sides, at the end, strong infantry, big cats and OP arty punished allies.
8p_operation goodwood (8).2015-05-23.01-51-12.rec
(5.75 MiB) Downloaded 55 times
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Re: 4v4 balanced good game

Postby Warhawks97 » 25 May 2015, 14:27

I wonder... you and scout camped a lot. You could have had an 81 mm mortar right in min 5 which can be a really helpfull tool at that stage and it can be recrewed many times. You have your opponents too much time here.

Also look at min 9. Bunkers, two HMG´s, sniper, 2x 37 mm pak and one of the covered by another 50 mm pak and a puma+ volks able to aid the defense if neccessary on just one side by two players. And then People wonder why allied always take CW arty doc and complaining about arty. I mean what to use else against such defenses. I always prefer an arty intense game which increases speed and dynamic of games over silly ww1 scenario with tons of trenches, sandbags, mgs and bunkers at any time -.- Too bad that arty ic currently more "evil" in the eyes of devs than insane defensive camping games.

Why can sector arty be used on enemie territory? Unlike a simple off map strike this has a duration of arround mins! . This means that the enemie cant cross or enter his own territory because each spotted unit would receive an arty shell once being spotted. Means spotter+ 200 ammo and the enemie has to leave his own f******* territroy for more than two mins!

In vcoh its a pure defensive ability as it denys the enemie to enter your territory and thus slows down enemie advance and buying time and it think thats SE´s role and the purpose of this ability isnt it? So how can it be ok that it can be used on enemie territory affecting the entire sector for 2 mins, forcing the enemie to retreat and to give up the entire sector... thats crazy.

min 13:47. Again, three paks in a row with covered by sniper, 20 mm kwk and HMG and people again wonder about "arty abuse" or complaining about "too much arty"?

min 17: 37 mm pak, 50 mm and 75 mm in a row. lol. On an area just as large as the zoom out 3 paks^^ by one player.

min 21. Lucky that axis have still no AA Tank with BK and def doc (which is a rare thing) and def doc still no 88 deployed (or 105 howitzer). Also no sd2 spam or luftwaffe at all.

Min 28: scout was waiting like 10 mins just for a grille..... But allies always "solve all probs with arty" right?

min 34: And now when most defensives got destroyed by arty we reached the moment where arty becomes nasty. Its not neccessay anymore but its already fielded and once being fielded they will keep shooting. Thats what i mean with "adding alternatives" to heavy arty (light arty, smoke for all mortars and more smoke grenades (for rangers for example, and simply that paks would be destroyed after 1 hits from tank shots, hendheld AT´s etc). Simple limit and reduction of arty (esspecially light arty in earlier stage) forces the urgent need of arty docs. But as long as light arty in non arty docs (and arty in semi arty docs) is resticted so hard that games become unplayable due to massive uncrackable defenses build up right at start, the heavy arty docs will always be present in games and thus tanks will keep dying to arty.

If other than arty docs would have something to break the described situation above (3 paks and 3 HMGS i a line) then heavy arty docs would be less often choosen. And paks and mgs can be killed by 75 mm arty which hardly harm tanks. Then defense (paks/mgs) would be knocked out by lighter arty and everything else more normal combat situations.

I wonder why Nuigmann and zoidberg do not upgrade supply yard with such an army oO.

Interesting, the armor doc player seems to consider rangers as more valuable than any sherman. Thats weird a bit.

min 50 and 50 seconds: Thats why i think firestorm is worth 200 ammo. 3 squads in a blink of an eye without any warning. The Firestorm dida good job this game and has shown its value.

55 min 30-43 seconds: "get close"-> "schreck dead". Ok Pak killed it finally but this guided schreck missile.... The instant shooting, long range accurate schreck makes these get close maneuvers quite often a suicide mission and the Panther made not even a shot by its own and exposing the rear.

Min 55-60: @Tiger: You said the inf doc inf spam is insane. But as you could see he had 800 MP when Panther came and mass prod unlocked. Also in previous attempts all the zooks failed to kill an axis tank. So do you really think that a inf doc player would use 800 mp and 135 ammo to get 3 ranger squads with zooks to Hunt a Panther? or 5 rifles squads attempting to get a sticky on it? You could send use 3600 mp and 175 mp expensive rifles: It wouldnt change anything. Later as you can see the axis inf is feeded as if there is no tomorrow. They schredding enemie inf like if there is no tomorrow. Would you suggest to spam 10 rifle squads or 5 ranger squads against it as inf doc?
Super Humans in game are a greater problem than any masses of cheap fast dying inf and also a way more effective.

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