V5.3.0 2v2 Duclair slugfest 1hr +

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V5.3.0 2v2 Duclair slugfest 1hr +

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Been a while since I posted a replay. This one was a slugfest on Duclair (2v2) and felt like an hour +, maybe even reaching almost two hours.


Eversor Assassin #2456 (aka yours truly, Sgtsmith501) UK [R.AF/Commandos]
Maxi, UK [Canadian Army Support]


ZorG, Panzer Elite [Scorched Earth]
Hermann Goring, Wehrmacht [Blitzkrieg]

Highlights include but are not limited to the following:
17pdrs one shotting Panthers on several occasions (laughs in Tiger HP boost)
Besides my commandos, by the time tanks and artillery showed up in masse no infantry unit seemed to survive to vet 2 for a while
Excellent Panzer III M (I believe that's the correct unit) micro taking out squads and tanks and scoring consecutive lucky HE immobil hits onto tanks
Vet 4 Commando officer
(4.03 MiB) Downloaded 36 times

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