3 vs 3 Beta

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3 vs 3 Beta

Post by Warhawks97 »


Me (BK)
Don (def)


Figree (RA)
Wald (Armor)
Otto von Bunkerstein (inf)

This time me and don just wanted to mess arround a bit and bothering the enemie and frustrate them so long that they would give up. Brabus is a guy that i just met yesterday, playing beta for the first time. It was his second Beta game.

We didnt push hard in any way and i didnt build any of my standard units besides one or two Panzer IV H/J´s. But i didnt use volks, didnt use Puma or any other of the vehicles, didnt use Panzer IV spam and didnt use mortar which is usually a total must have for me.

Also i gave no AP and sometimes no HE to my tanks. I would never place an allied TD without AP rounds but a stug has an easy life even without it, blowing up even jumbos.

Perhaps the map wasnt the best but basically it works on every map bc we tested lots of maps over the past weeks and everything ends up in frustration for the allied team.

One axis player just puts up a few TD (don didnt even build that many and went for elephant just for fun) and the other toys the enemie a bit.
There were a few funny moments like when figree perfectly ambushed and flanked my Panther, dealing crit damage to it but even when two or three shermans shot at the 1 HP Panther with broken main gun, they couldnt kill it. Just arty got it later by luck.

I Think Don was even eating during this game or during the game before this one.

The rep bunker are also a big thing. We didnt need to bother so much with repairing stuff. I had three of them and it kept all vehicles and tanks alive. Like an arty strike comes in, damages your vehicles and tanks but they get repaired quickly and automatically. Allied tanks getting damaged by arty require lots of additional rep units and micromanagment just to kep them combat ready.

This means axis have with less units and thus less upkeep better repair capabilites that are super easily executed and overall have a much higher vehicle combat readiness rate which results further in less upkeep to pay.

Wald was pissed off as it seems bc he left the game and discord instantly.

And idk what you actually did to CW RA doc. Or CW in general. When i remember playing against brits, it was always an interesting game with these recces and so on. But as of right now CW has something to say only in HR games with instant bren carriers and dingos. But in low res i have not yet seen CW being a real threat. Only RAF later on. RA is a shadow of its former self.
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Re: 3 vs 3 Beta

Post by Walderschmidt »

I was more frustrated.

1) It's a lane map - which already favors Axis. I hate playing them.

2) there was just nothing we could do eventually against what you had. There was just no point in further playing unless we could coordinate something perfectly. I just left rather than get more frustrated.

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