3v3 BETA Allies victory - La Fiere

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3v3 BETA Allies victory - La Fiere

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I would like to share wih you my fellows blitskrieguers this playback in La Fiere. It was a 2h and a half match but at least allies won at the very ending. The teams of this match were:
-Needammo (Ogro de asalto) - Luftwaffen
-Shaka de Virgo - SE
-Bigboss - Defensive

-Crow_Tattoo - RAFT
-Egungun - AB
-Sparrow - Infantry

They spend a lot of resources on bunkers and defensive position, while we were attacking all the time
Download the replay here -
6p_lafiere.Allies victory.rar
(2.02 MiB) Downloaded 3 times
(9.82 MiB) Downloaded 5 times

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