Goodwood 4v4

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Goodwood 4v4

Post by sgtToni95 »

Hi everyone,

this is a replay from current version

sgtToni95[525] - RAF
Salvy13[525] - RA
Old - Armor
CriMax - Airborne

jonnymcbongo - LuftWaffe
Ete - Tank Hunter
Giraffenbulle - Scorced Earth
TRUX - Terror

Game didn't last very long. It's quite common to find theese three guys playing on this map, with the same docs/tactics. Me and my 525 mates are playing this map very often as well since it's the most playable 4v4 map, and almost every time we get to play against Ete, jonny and giraffe we end it being quite frustrated (previous game they just managed to overrun us with scout cars due to boys accuracy and we lost even faster). Ete can be quite lethal too with her Hotchkiss (had 1 game where the average kills of allies players were 150, and she had 100+ inf kills, many tanks, vehicles and emplacements with only 1 Hotckiss, so chpeau).
I know games against theese three can be quite frustrating for everyone in the community, not just for us 525 guys (my mates are always upset to play against them even before the game starts :D ), so this one time we managed not to let them play their way me and salvy were quite happy and would like to share it with you.

GG to our opponents which are always nice in lobby/chat

P.S. much love for the 2 inch mortar <3

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