1v2'ing cheaters

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1v2'ing cheaters

Post by kwok »

I recently started going into the regular patch of bk to try to convince some people to try the beta. I joined a 2v2 lobby and stepped away for just 5 seconds to get some water. When I got back I found myself in a 1v2 against two axis players. They weren't good, I beat them... totally fine, I've 1v2'd many friends before especially ones trying to learn BK. But their attitude was shit, they were sneaky and didnt wait for me to ready up let alone ask me if they could 1v2 me. At the end they even called ME the cheater among other insults.

This was my first game back in the regular version in a long time... Is this really the community that the devs are trying to work for? I want to say that these people are rare cases, but I feel like a lot of us know that the community isn't really full of the most wonderful people. Come on guys... balance changes aren't what's driving people away from the mod... it's shit like this... It's elitism and "my way only" mentality. And before anyone comes in with "devs have the same 'my way only' mentality and are part of the problem", let me remind you that probably the last 70% of the changes and reworks have been community driven even at the warnings of devs.

Not all of you are bad people, a lot of you are great friends and have become family to me. Those of you that are good, I am begging you to go out and be role models to others and foster a kinder community. That means coming out of your comfort shell, potentially playing unfavorable games, dealing with other shitty people... I want to bet that there are more good people than bad... but the good people are always hiding in their own comfortable corners. I understand NOT wanting to deal with the shitty people but if more good people come out of hiding then we can show that the majority of the community is good.
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Re: 1v2'ing cheaters

Post by Wurf »

I have long passed the desire to play with such players and teach them something, also for the reason you write about. And those who are not toxic would have to give it a lot to learn at least. I am so sorry about you and developers that you try to develop something and then someone can disgust like this...

But as you write, there is a lot of bad players among us, same insults, assaults, but to show you in the game they are right, so they rather run away and then you see their host game, where most players with statistics of skirmish, or statistics where there are more losses than winning. And just like that players, I laugh with all my heart, i don't talk to him at all and I have them on my hairy ass...

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