[2v2] Bretonneux

Are you looking for match, a stategy, a tactic or looking for a replay? Stop right here, and look no further.
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[2v2] Bretonneux

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Untersharf - raf
Playbetter - inf
????? - blitz
David Stirling - luft

Game lasted for 2 hours, very much intensive, I reccomend you to watch to get your skill up
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Re: [2v2] Bretonneux

Post by idliketoplaybetter »

I'll take a look, i really want my skill up.

Though, it's 2 hours of tower defence, mostly cause of how map is made. However i have been playing a lot with arty lately, just to analize the overall upcoming changes for munition upkeep and arty changes, or rather, actual reasoning of changes itself.
I will make post later.
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Re: [2v2] Bretonneux

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"You can argue only with like-minded people"...I love this game, here you find very intelligent and good players, no matter how much difference there is between us, you can really enjoy bk

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