2v2, Bizory. Allies Win

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2v2, Bizory. Allies Win

Post by Walderschmidt »

Here's a 2v2 on Bizory:

Axis: //////////////////////////////////// Allies:
Mefisto - Blitz (Wehr) /////////////////// Fi'gree - Airborne (Amis)
Wald - Tank Hunter (PE) ////////////////// Rappatix - Royal Engies (Brits)

My thoughts on the game and why my side lost. We had the advantage in the first 10 minutes but weren't able to make a smooth transition to the mid-game. We lost the center and focused too much on the sides, fighting our own battles instead of in the center as a team. The middle is the heart of this map. The one time we almost came back was when Mefisto and I attacked together with a stug, stubby piv, and infantry and double teammed Rappatix before Fi'gree could get there in time to intervene.

Lastly, Mefisto chose an excellent doctrine for this map. Between strong mid vehicles and medium tanks and storm troopers, this map is Blitz's playground as long as they have a steady supply of muni. I chose the wrong doctrine, TH. I should have gone luft and used my strong infantry to pave the way for Mefisto's tanks, which had we done a little better, would have come before Rappatix could get out his Churchills and 17lbers. To top it off, I just didn't play well.

(1.42 MiB) Downloaded 148 times

Well played Fi'gree and Rappatix. Fi'gree you have an intuitive understanding of the battlefield as always and Rappatix, now you see the power of playing with your teammate and fighting together - if you do it enough you can turn the game around. Now you see that you're not far behind Fi'gree and Mefisto, and I'm not really better than you. I have my good days and my bad days, but I do my best with a teammate like Mefisto, or Kwok, or Shadow, or Figree who understands me.

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Re: 2v2, Bizory. Allies Win

Post by Shanks »

mefisto plays very badly, you lost because of mefisto, is a fucking noob ...... joke :lol:

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Re: 2v2, Bizory. Allies Win

Post by Mr. FeministDonut »

Didn't watch the replay, but just saying that sometimes HGrens with MG42 or STG is better and more cost-effective than German paratroopers.
TH can research and produce Pz4 H with Zimmerit, if player finds a right time for Offensive, as well as using Hotchkiss for breakthrough. Anyway, late churchill call-in makes choose of TH somewhat justified

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