3v3 LaFiere and the little Sherman that could

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3v3 LaFiere and the little Sherman that could

Postby Walderschmidt » 31 Dec 2018, 00:23

So, I'm gonna start off by saying that The New BK Champion and Maverick were really unlucky that Nessi crashed. If he hadn't, I think they would have won the game. But they both chose to keep playing, so this replay happened.


Jiraiyo (Shaka) - Infantry
Mefisto - Armor
Walderschmidt - Armor


The New BK Champion (Illa) - Defense
Maverick (Vendetta) - Blitz
N essi -

I wanted to highlight the little Sherman who could. A Sherman without a commander, got vet 4, with 69 inf kills, 8 light vehicles (mostly mortar hts), and 2 tank kills! It got tragically killed by a hidden bazooka team when I was being careless when it was clear the game was about to end. Sad!

(2.33 MiB) Downloaded 115 times


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Re: 3v3 LaFiere and the little Sherman that could

Postby Shanks » 31 Dec 2018, 00:38

I think they thought they could win with a CPU, they underestimated us...in any case, we strongly repel the first units of them, gg

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