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What is the philosophy behind " Flank Speed " ?

Posted: 28 Dec 2018, 00:01
by Hetzer 1992
Well , I gave up playing the game for a number of reasons , but this question has remained unanswered in my mind ever since .

What is the idea behind Flank Speed in game ?

I mean, is it based on realism , historical events ? etc ?

How come allied tanks have kept this ability but initially Hetzers and later Tigers lost it ?

Re: What is the philosophy behind " Flank Speed " ?

Posted: 28 Dec 2018, 00:53
by kwok
I am sad you stopped playing. Will you tell us why you stopped so that we can learn from it?

As for the flank speed, from what I understood it was an ability that existed for cromwells since vcoh. since then, it was applied to tanks that felt would benefit from it as their intended roles. Some tanks got them, some had them removed, it all went up and down based on changing balances reacting to evolving metas. philosophically (as far as i know) it is nothing more than a leftover ability applied/removed when the community feels like something is underpowered/overpowered.

tigers lost it because.... tbh i don't quite remember... i think it was a "trade". some players wanted tigers with more powerful long range guns, so there was a swap for an earlier long shot (vet 2 to vet 1 i think?) in trade losing its flank speed since tigers were classified as a heavy tank.

hetzers lost it because they already stand out as very good tanks in 3 areas: durability, speed, and power. they were deemed OP and used beyond their historical tactics/intended tactics so it was taken away. now hetzers encompass durability and power but not speed.

Hope that helps answer, i'm sure other forum members will explain more details or why i'm wrong.

Re: What is the philosophy behind " Flank Speed " ?

Posted: 28 Dec 2018, 07:02
by Walderschmidt
Hetzers were deemed OP, especially because every doctrine got them.

Tigers lost flank speed because it was unrealistic as a heavy tank to have them and because people wanted better long range performance rather than a speed upgrade that didn't help a Tiger much anyway.

Sorry you decided to stop playing.