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Epic 3v3 game, la-fiere

Posted: 19 Dec 2018, 07:06
by Mr. FeministDonut
Figril - RE
Not - Armor
Shanks - Inf
Wurf - Terror
Frost - Blitz
Gaz - Luft

Game was so epic, so it lasted for 1:30 hours, spam of KTs, pershings, churchills and artillery of all kinds, enjoy to watch

Re: Epic 3v3 game, la-fiere

Posted: 19 Dec 2018, 22:45
by Warhawks97
Ok.... watched the first 30 mins aaaannnd... where to start....

Shanks: Whats your offensive plan? Smoke and a half dead rifle squad that runs for a grenade? That looks hilarious.
When you bombed his defenses down, why not using rangers? You could learn infantry combat from Figree.
Also you fight vs luftwaffe and knew that two mates have armor docs..... it should be self explaining for everyone with a minimum ammount of team spirit to get AA to the field..... 2 M16 should be minimum, better get 3, esspecially when RE is already in harsh battles and low on units/res.....
Your defense was also poor. One single tiger without any support and your lines almost collapse. Lucky Wurf isnt able to controle more than his single tiger....2-3 volks squads... grens idk and you would have been dead.

Wurf: He picked terror bc of the meta.....He should have taken def doc. Using a single tiger without any support and hoping for what? He got incredible far with it though.... either tigers arent weak as proposed or.... idk.

Gaz? He took Luft bc... its mainstream. He should have played SE or TH for better anti tank and arty. In this configuration SE, in case terror would go def TH. Armor and RE would have been neutralized completely. But yeah.... too much meta and mainstream everywhere.

Figree and frost: I pitty them... they both fought the early game almost alone, esspecially frost handling two while his mates build trenches at the other side of the map. btw, RE and inf doc is a great combo bc the inf can reinforce near churchills.... HE churchill and a bunch of angry Rangers with zooks that can reinforce.... too bad we didnt see this at least untill min 30.

Not: Idk what he did but he was low on res and units. Later he had res but still no units. There should have been a mind swap after churchill ace came. Figree had to rush for firefly and getting AA tanks, Not rushing for War machinery and lots of e8.... churchill to trigger the stugs, e8 for the guns and fire rate swarming the enemie and firefly to get rid of Tigers. Instead it turned into a battle of the heavy tanks.... again..... one big thing against another. His Calliope is epic though.

Generally this vid shows why tigers will keep doomed to fail no matter what devs gonna do (unless they give them sherman prices): They are always left without any damn support....ok, frost lost his units but still..... Its not necessary to have two guys in a 3 vs 3 waiting for a god damn tiger. It would be much more effective to have one guy with tigers (thats why i keep propsing a heavy tank doc for axis to prevent this doubling) and the others providing infantry and artillery support. Those who have tactical skills dont put so many res in a single unit and trust in diversity, those who lack tactical skill go for big investments bc its easier to handle one unit and complain that they fail when getting outplayed by cheaper units.
If people with tactical skill would use tigers and the others the cheap trash, tigers would suddenly be hell effective, if not to say almost OP.

Min 33: Uh, shanks, whats up? Havent you been the guy who said that tigers are soooooooo easy to kill? You had just a bad, right... I mean in years i havent seen a tiger that was such an easy target.... a terror tiger without top mount, yet you got almost (SP prevented your collapse) entirley annihilated by a single tiger that had no support at all most of the time.
Perhaps its not that easy to kill a tiger unless you have reconassaince advantage and can outplay him or unless you got the "right gun". But of he keeps reversing and shooting from range at your tanks things get tricky right? And these "no-brainer" long tom aka "easy tiger killer" abilties arent so no brainy i would say.

Min 43:45: So thats the great plan to kill the super weak and usless tiger? I will mark this for the next time.
And are you even aware that inf doc has access to M16 AA unit? You wrote in the chat "henschels" but instead of acting you just build another howitzer while the SP died a poor henschel death. did that thing even score a kill?

I am sorry to say that but this game turned from a heavy camp game to a (sorry for saying this) "dick comparision" game. Who has the biggest (Tank)?

And Not put so much ammo into upgrading shermans with AP and HE and at the end they died one after the other. I dont get why people are still not using this ammo upgrade.... it spares so much ammo that you can literally use war machinery nonstop in late games.

That KT oneshot by achilles...People will see this, but they wont see the tiger with 50 inf kills, several tanks and vehicles.... Selective reality.

Min 54: Did a henschel kill this tiger? oO friendly fire?

Re: Epic 3v3 game, la-fiere

Posted: 19 Dec 2018, 23:46
by Shanks
@warhawks..I said that the tigers "were" easy to kill, "they were", "past time", now in 5.1.6 all the tanks improved their armor, and it is not the same as before, on the other hand, if I play with RA-RE- RAF (because all the British doctrines have Achilles, which means, that you can destroy all the tanks of WM, without exceptions, like for example, elephant, king tiger, tiger, Panther G), it would be much easier for me to destroy a tiger with an Achilles, I had 3 AA in the game (apparently you did not see the game), I made the strongest defensive line possible and almost impassable for the axis (the defensive line I made was so strong that at some point of the game they entered with much infantry to try to destroy my emplacements, but they were totally annihilated), i use the rangers and kill many luft units, elite units "luft", and other types of infantry, my units were almost like the spearhead, taking the tanks back as great support, the LONG TOMP IS A GARBAGE NOW, YOUR PRECISION IS A SHIT, but it does not matter, likewise i was playing a little bad

Re: Epic 3v3 game, la-fiere

Posted: 20 Dec 2018, 00:31
by Mr. FeministDonut
To play against heavies with only mediums, you need tons of ammunition, to load every tank with AP rounds before engaging german cat, that was a main problem, with not taking into consideration the risk. Camping for the SP, after you get Calliope, allows you to force axis play defensively and you with gathered resources, start spamming with mediums, or in my case, making pershings as answer to german panthers and KT.
Also, personally I think Calliope is a bit OP now. It's cheap, deadly to both infantry and tanks (thanks to the long barrage) as it simply denies whole area for 95 ammo.
Shanks wrote:blah blah blah
Screw you on not building AA halftracks

Re: Epic 3v3 game, la-fiere

Posted: 20 Dec 2018, 11:35
by Shanks
Warhawks97 wrote:
Gaz? He took Luft bc... its mainstream. He should have played SE or TH for better anti tank and arty. In this configuration SE, in case terror would go def TH. Armor and RE would have been neutralized completely. But yeah.... too much meta and mainstream everywhere.

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy remember that luft is OP and you can destroy everything! :lol:

@Mr.feminist...the important thing is that we won the game, we could win only with pershing and achilles, the SP was not even necessary

Re: Epic 3v3 game, la-fiere

Posted: 20 Dec 2018, 12:39
by Warhawks97
Well, the file is broken then. It was a desync min 50 all behaved like bots in the replay and Nots units didn't do anything at all.

I saw also just one ranger squad in the entire game and no aa at all. Towards the end it was a desync. Units from not and wurf stoped moving and just died like they were afk.

And you still can mess with luft just as you can with terror.