Breakthrough on Cherbourg, Intense 3v3 [ 5.1.6]

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Breakthrough on Cherbourg, Intense 3v3 [ 5.1.6]

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This game features constant back and fourth offensive/defensive game-play on the map Road to Cherbourg (Rev 2). The allies manage to keep the pressure up on 1 flank, however, once a breakthrough was achieved on the other flank, the whole front seems to collapse in on itself. Subsequently, the axis keep the momentum of the attack against the allies, never allowing them to regroup. Enjoy.

Axis Doctrines

HeartOfDarkness - Luftwaffe
Rokossovski (SVT) - Defense

Allies Doctrines

Angry little man - Royal Engineers
Gaz74- Airbourne
Computer CPU normal - Royal Artillery

(2.92 MiB) Downloaded 116 times

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