Fast and very Intense 2 vs 2

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Fast and very Intense 2 vs 2

Post by Warhawks97 »

Version 5.15

Map: High Valley

Vantury: SE
PoppaSwank: Luft


Me (inf)
Erich (RE)

One of the best games i had in a while.

No abuses (like hotchkiss) and other mess, just fair and intense combat with lots of inf, AT guns, planes, arty, Infantry.


1.Grenade in the early stage that whiped my engis, didnt expect such nade range.
2. my Comeback heavy infantry combat
3. Calli jeep
4. Many attacks and counter attacks
5. Lucky shots that insta whiped squads.
6. Almost losing after heavy counter attack with arty
7. Sherman rush killing all enemie vehicles and their wespe on my side
8. Epic crocc churchill winning the game for us

Special Notes:

Fighting vs skilled Luftwaffe players is just insane. One second you fight vs regular inf and halftracks so you go tanks. Suddenly you face many many Hetzers which would have been unbeatable if they would still have their flank speed. So infantry becomes a viable tool with stickies.
Then you have fallis dropping everywhere out of nowhwere between and behind your lines killing your soldiers while still hanging in the chute. Just insane. After dealing with all that stuff you think the path is clear and suddenly henschels totally demolish your counterattack and killing all your tanks. And when you thought that you managed to handle all that you suddenly run into a god damn 88.
And if all that happens so quick... damn. Just crazy. At the end when we just dealed with the 88 i was still in fear expecting Panthers coming out of nowehere but ultimately we managed to beat him.
This is what makes luft so incredible strong and i love to see players that are able to use everything in the luftwaffe arsenal at the right time instead of silly Meta "luft inf only" blobbing shit or "Panther rush".
You see hetzers, luftwaffe drops paired with stuka attacks, henschel countering your attacks, 88 suprise and all such shit. Just epic. If anyone says that AB is matching this he is a fool. AB is foreseeable in comparision. You see either airplanes and some tanks/vehicles or infantry but not such quick switches.

Anyway, enjoy. Many thx to poppa in particular in showing what Luftwaffe is able to (and he didnt even use everything such as sd2 or panthers).

The K/D was well balanced for all. I lost 10 soldiers more than i killed but destroyed few more vehicles than i lost. Axis had worse vehicle K/D but decent inf K/D. Erich and Me captured the exact same ammount of points. The game couldnt have been more balanced i would say.

(1.98 MiB) Downloaded 72 times

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